How to judge and repair the increase of vehicle fuel consumption
  • Automotive

Answer: if you feel that the fuel consumption of the vehicle is increased, we should first go to the maintenance center to monitor the electronic data of the engine and the detection of the vehicle exhaust, and make the diagnosis according to the following ideas. Tire pressure: if the loss of the tire will result in an increase in driving resistance, the fuel consumption increases; on the contrary, if the tire pressure is appropriately increased in the tire pressure regulation value, it will be beneficial to reduce the fuel consumption; the tire pattern: different types of tread tyres are different in fuel consumption, and selective line tread tires help to save fuel oil. Four wheel positioning: always keep the correct wheel positioning value to ensure a lower fuel consumption rate; road conditions: the greater the road resistance, the more high road and downhill road conditions, the higher the fuel consumption; vehicle load: minimize the unnecessary items within the car and the trunk, help to reduce oil consumption; steady acceleration: rapid acceleration when accelerated. The instantaneous fuel consumption rate is half as high as that of the stationary acceleration, so we should try to avoid rapid acceleration and emergency braking. The speed of the vehicle is moderate. It is clear that the economic speed, the high speed and the low speed will make the fuel economy of the vehicle worse; the engine technical condition, if the engine's technical condition is bad, will cause the engine power to decline. It causes a lot of waste of fuel.