Avoid changing the tire at any time or increase the engine load.
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I thought my car would be more stable if it changed to a large size tire, but unexpectedly, it increased the fuel consumption of the car. A car maintenance professional said that the tire should not be changed at will, so as not to increase the working load of the engine. Case: Mr. Deng bought a luxury car in October last year. The salesman sold the car to Mr. Deng and told Mr. Deng to change it to a bigger tire, so that the car would be more stable and more model. So Deng spent more than eight thousand yuan to replace the four tyres of the original car. But after that, Deng found that the fuel consumption of his car was higher than that of his friends. Mr. Deng went to the 4S shop for a check, and the maintenance staff told him that Mr. Deng's car tires were a bit bigger than the original tires, so the fuel consumption was increasing. The tire diameter assembly increases the resistance to the above situation, and the car maintenance professionals show that the wider the tire, the greater the wheel resistance, the waste of gasoline will be wasted. In addition, if the diameter of the tyre increases, the working load of the engine will be increased, and the fuel consumption will also increase. Automobile professionals suggest that when consumers buy cars, they must remember that they should not replace bigger tyres at random, or they will backfire.