TOYOTA China recalled 23 thousand Lexus IS imports
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According to the State Quality Inspection Bureau's website, TOYOTA (China) Investment Co., Ltd. will recall some of the imported Lexus (Lexus) IS (Lexus) cars since February 5, 2013. The date of production is January 2006, September -2011. According to the company's statistics, there are 22869 units in mainland China. It is reported that, because of the design reasons, the rocker arm of the front windshield wiper is forced to be used when it is subjected to the external resistance such as snow. The rocker arm fixed nut of the wiper may cause loosening, which leads to the slippery of the fixed position, and the wiper can not work properly, and there is a hidden danger. TOYOTA motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. will replace the fastening nut of the rocker arm free of charge for the affected vehicle. TOYOTA motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. will notify the owner of the vehicle by mail delivery, and notify the relevant owners by telephone, SMS and so on. Ask the relevant owner to check out the nearest Lexus dealership. In question, users can call the Lexus (Lexus) customer service center free phone 800-810-2772, and 800 of the area or mobile phone users can call 400-810-2772. Owners can also visit the AQSIQ website for more information.