Analysis and repair of the common faults of the electric jet engine
  • Automotive

Although the reliability of the engine ECU (electronic control unit) is high, it will not cause problems easily, but for those who use a longer period of time, the mileage is more than 150 thousand kilometers, especially those with bad conditions, it is inevitable that such or such failure will occur. If an integrated block is damaged, the ECU fixed foot bolt is loose, the welding of the welding foot joint of an electronic component, and the failure of the resistance and capacitance element can cause the engine's starting difficulty, the idle speed of the idle speed, the increase of the fuel consumption, the poor power performance or the deterioration of the emission. When these faults occur, the special maintenance department should be sent to the repair department to check and repair; when there is no condition, the replacement comparison method can be used to verify, that is to use the appropriate components on the same type of vehicle to compare the effect to determine the cause of the failure.