How to repair the cracks in the car glass
  • Automotive

The repair of automobile glass is mainly to fill liquid gum in cracks and eliminate cracks. The material used to fill glass is a highly transparent liquid colloid which can be rapidly solidified by ultraviolet heating and can reach more than% of raw glass. The construction process is also relatively simple. The main tool is a vacuum syringe similar to a needle tube structure. The function is to remove the air inside the glass wound and fill it with a glass repair agent (liquid colloid). After repeated pumping and pressure, the repair space will be filled with at least% of the filling fluid, then the ultraviolet light is used to irradiate each minute and so to make the patch solidify. After the machine is removed, the center point of the wound will also have a small gap, then drop into a high concentration of repair agent, cover glass, the same ultraviolet light irradiation drying, with a blade of the surface of the surface, coated with a lighter, with a cloth grinding.