Easy to learn to teach yourself to change the lights
  • Automotive

Go to the auto parts shop for fear of being cheated, and do not come. Next we will talk about some simple car repairs, teach yourself to change your headlights and learn easily. The technical content of changing the car light is not very high, but it is not an easy thing, because the layout of various parts in the car is different. It is very small for the user to change the lights for a compact car in the vicinity of the back of the lamp. Based on this situation, not particularly skilled users should not risk their own replacement, so as not to damage the components inside the car, and the gains outweigh the gains. If there is enough space on the back of the lamp, you can change the following steps: change the front lamp 1. to open the hood of the engine and observe the layout of the car parts on the back of the headlight. If the space is not enough, then go to the professional "4S" store. Determine the type of headlights for the car. Notice the type of the lower lights of the headlights. 2., turn off the lamp cover and notice that there will be slight differences in the way of dismounting the lamp cover due to different vehicle types. 3. pull down the lamp holder with power cord. When you pull out, pay attention to holding the lamp by hand to avoid damage. 4. release the lamp holder and remove the lamp, then install the new bulb. The process of assembly is the reverse sequence of disassembly. Make sure that the dust cover must be screwed up so that the headlamp will not be harassed by rain and dust. Replacement of taillight 1. open the luggage compartment lid, cut off the vehicle power supply, clean the luggage compartment, and allow room for replacement. 2. remove the dustproof board on the back of the car lamp. Most of the headlights are divided into two forms: the bulb and the lampholder are integrated and the bulb is separated from the lampholder. The former is introduced here and the latter is replaced by the headlamp. 3. determine the lamp to be replaced, hold down the rotary handle at the back of the lamp, and unscrew it. Replace the new headlights and pay attention to the type and color of the headlights. 4. reload the car light and dust board. Generally speaking, the tail lamp's disassembly and assembly work is relatively easy, one work space is bigger, and the two structure is relatively simple.