The bottom of the face will be rainy days.
  • Automotive

Recently, most parts of the country were hit by heavy rainfall. For urban transportation, rainy days not only bring inconvenience to the trip, but also the vehicle is prone to failure. Humid air and rain have put the vehicle under test. If the vehicle is in a condition, it should be repaired in time to prevent "sequelae". It is easier to cover a car in a rainy day, not to wash a car on rainy days, to wear a "smock" to a vehicle, and to wipe a car with a wet cloth. It is wrong for many owners to maintain cars on rainy days. If the owner thinks that the rain does not need to wash the car, in fact, because the rain often has acid, sticky substances, long time rainfall will cause serious damage to the body, such as not in time cleaning, the car surface will be easy to rust or even corrosion, thus losing luster affects the beauty of the car. Experts say that the simplest and most effective way to prevent damage to the body of the acid in the rain is that the owner can prepare a dry cloth to wipe the body in a simple way, until the weather clears to the repair shop or the 4S store to give the car a full range of wax and a polished glaze. In addition, many car owners are used to the car jacket, although it can prevent the vehicle surface damage, but if the weather is windy and rainy, the car will repeatedly draw the car paint, especially when the wind sand is blown into the car clothes, it will draw numerous fine scratches on the body, and the length of time will cause the darkening of the paint. Pay attention to the dehumidification and dehumidification of the car after the air conditioning wind often have a moldy taste, in order to eliminate this flavor, there is a simple way to open the air conditioning warm air to the maximum, take turns using all kinds of wind mode, blowing 15 minutes or so. When the air conditioner works, the temperature of the outlet can reach 40 to 50 degrees, so that the hot hot air can be evaporated to remove mildew. In the indoor moisture protection, when the weather clears up, the four doors open, the indoor air is convective, and the heated body will quickly remove the water vapor from the internal silt. In addition, sound avoidance is also worth noticing. With the humidity coming up in the rainy season, there is always a fog on the surface of the CD disc, which will cause a reading failure, so it will be scrubbed every once in a while. The chassis and wiper maintenance do not ignore the rainy day, the wiper should not stop work, and the wiper maintenance is the most easily ignored by the owner of the link. If the wiper is damaged, the line of sight will be affected. It is suggested that the owner of the car wash the wiper with glass cleaning solution in addition to cleaning the glass, so as to prolong the life of the wiper. In addition, for a long time running on a slippery road, the lubricating oil of the chassis is easily washed away by the rain, so the chassis is more easily adsorbed on mud and dirt, even rusting the chassis, which will seriously harm the life of the vehicle. After visiting the after-sale service center of some 4S stores, the internal system and the water deposit found that most of the owners of the brake system have been repaired recently, mostly due to the wet brakes. Usually, car maintenance is easier for car owners to notice, while hidden car maintenance is even more important. If the brake system is not maintained on time, it will cause the vehicle to run away when it is serious. Therefore, when stepping on the brake, it should be trampled gently and steamed by continuous friction. In addition, the air filter and exhaust pipe are also easy to water, and must be noted when passing through the puddle. After a full-scale "physical examination" of heavy rain, no matter whether the vehicle has any abnormal phenomena, it is best to do a comprehensive "physical examination" at the 4S store. Because some hidden dangers can not be found on the spot, but the potential hazards to cars are not the same. For example, heavy rain can easily make some leaves, dust and other drainage holes attached to the heat dissipation system or engine hatch cover. If they are not cleaned in time, the efficiency of the heat dissipation system will be reduced and the mechanical failure can be caused. So, after the rain, look at the position of the inlet of the engine compartment and the cockpit and the water in the grooves on both sides of the left and right winged plates. If there is water, it can be rinsed into the air hole with water and dredge the waterway to ensure the best working condition of the vehicle.