Car maintenance and maintenance owner experience is very important
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There are many cars on the road, but how many people really know cars? If they are bad, they must be repaired. But how do they maintain their daily maintenance? According to this reading or judging from experience, we may need some experience at this time. Every car owner will get a maintenance periodic table to be told when to do the maintenance, but most of the owners are open, and as long as they feel good, there is no problem, and they are gradually behind the brain; another part of the owner is out of the past driving experience, shortening maintenance mileage by itself. If the requirement is 8000 kilometers to maintain 6000 kilometers, they drive to the 4S shop, or do not maintain the time to 4S shop maintenance, the result is more money. In fact, vehicle maintenance is not the more diligent the better. The mileage required by the manufacturer is based on the full understanding of the body's performance and the best time to set it up. Many owners believe that the cost of car use will be greatly reduced by automobile manufacturers, but in fact, the warranty is like insurance. Only when the car has problems, can it get the benefits of this policy. Of course, the cost of powertrain is very expensive. Usually, the cost of a powertrain system of a car is 35%-40% of the vehicle cost. Therefore, once the powertrain system needs to be replaced, it will be a huge expense for consumers. The extension of the warranty period will undoubtedly avoid the risk that consumers will bear such huge expenses. In fact, the main purpose of prolonging the warranty period is to guide the owners to develop good regular and fixed maintenance habits. By guiding the owners to maintain professional maintenance in the 4S store, the car owners will keep the car conditions better. When the owners change their cars, they will find that the value of their car residue is better than the cost of maintenance. In fact, this is the real guarantee. The interests of the consumers. The initial problems of powertrain system are noise, fuel consumption, body vibration, and the problem will become more and more serious. Each car is a different individual, and the subtle differences in sound are normal among different individuals; the differences in sound may be more obvious than those of other manufacturers, and if it is only a subtle difference in such a sound, the problem does not mean a problem. On the other hand, the quality control system of the mainstream automobile manufacturers in China is strict at present, and the failure rate of products can be calculated by PPM, that is, millions of bases. In other words, every 1 million cars, the power assembly system problems will not be more than a few chances, the probability is very low. A few days ago, Beijing modern launched the 5 year /10 million km powertrain warranty policy, which is also based on the full confidence of its own product quality. Taking a machine filter as an example, buying in a 4S store may cost a few dollars, but it can guarantee the normal use of 8000 or more than 10000 kilometers, and the life of the machine in a roadside store is likely to run less than 3000-4000 kilometers, and the benefit of the manufacturer's original oil for the overall coordination of the body is self-evident. A few dollars and a little convenience are probably at the expense of future performance. Some owners worry that their car is a small problem, but it will be depicted very seriously by the 4S store, in persuading the replacement parts to spend unnecessary money, but in fact, in the mainstream car manufacturers, such phenomenon is not likely to exist, because the manufacturers have strict management measures for dealers. 4S shop is a long-term business, unlike the street shop is a hammer deal.