Xi'an establishes "World Horticultural Exposition" automobile repair service rescue network
  • Automotive

In order to do a good job of vehicle maintenance and rescue service during the period of "Xi'an World Horticultural Exposition", the Xi'an municipality has recently selected 50 large, well equipped, highly skilled and excellent service manufacturers from the city's industry to make up the World Horticultural Exposition automobile maintenance and rescue service network to provide high quality, efficient and convenient vehicle maintenance for the guests at home and abroad. Rescue service guarantee. The Xi'an city maintenance service has specially made the book of "World Horticultural Exposition automobile maintenance and rescue service guide", which has announced to the society the name, address, contact phone, map orientation, type of maintenance, enterprise reputation and line of industry supervision telephone for emergency rescue and rapid maintenance services, which are convenient for tourists in the field. Search and contact, give full play to the service function of the industry, and provide better rescue services for World Horticultural Exposition vehicles.