Auto transmission needs careful maintenance
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If you find that your automatic block is shaking more slowly and shifting slowly, it means that the gearbox should be changed. Automatic gear car is not compared to manual gear car, manual transmission is relatively simple, even if the oil change a number of braces for some days is not as well, but the automatic shift car oil change can not be saved, 20 thousand kilometers of the change will have to change, otherwise a long time, the car is easy to get problems, this is because the automatic car in the use of automatic change in the process of automatic change. Gear, gear is unavoidable to wear out. The automatic gear lubricants will "wrap" a protective film on the outer parts of the gearbox, and the gears will be smoother when moving. Generally speaking, manual transmission or automatic transmission is recommended for the longest 12 months or 20 thousand kilometers to replace an automatic transmission oil.