Emergency car repair tips
  • Automotive

1. motor vehicle cylinder head and other parts of sand hole and oil leakage, leakage can be according to the size of the sand eye, select the corresponding specifications of the electrical fuse, with hand hammer gently smash it into the sand eye, can prevent oil leakage, leakage. 2. when the oil pipe joint leaks oil, when the motor vehicle is used, such as the leakage of the oil pipe joint of the engine, it is caused by the fact that the oil pipe horn mouth and the oil pipe nut are not sealed. The cotton yarn can be wrapped around the horn of the horn, then the tubing nut is tightened with the tubing joint, and the bubble gum or maltose can be chewed into a paste, and it is applied to the nut seat of the tubing. Artificial leather or leather trousers can also be cut or molded into holes, and can be installed and cut. 3. oil tank damage motor vehicle in use, found oil leakage, can clean the oil leak, soap or bubble gum in the oil spill, temporarily blocked, with epoxy resin adhesive repair, the effect is better. 4. when the ruptured tubing is broken, the rupture can be cleaned, coated with soap, wound with cloth strips or rubber cloth, and tied with wire, then a layer of soap. 5. when the tubing is broken, a rubber or plastic pipe sleeve can be found to fit the diameter of the tubing. If the sleeves are not tight enough, the ends should be tightly tied with iron wire to prevent oil leakage. 6. the precipitation cup is broken, and the rubber cup or plastic pipe is used to put the precipitating cup in and out of the oil pipe sleeve, so that the oil does not pass through the precipitating cup. 7., when the rupture of the hose is small, a layer of soap coated with a layer of soap is used to bind the leakage. If the rupture is large, the hose can be cut off, a bamboo tube or iron pipe is set in the middle, and the wire is tied up with wire. 8. the rupture of the fan belt can tie the broken belt with wire in series or open and stop the car. 9. screw hole slide screw hole slide causes oil leakage or connecting rod loosening, making it unable to work. At this time, the original screw can be hammered flat with hammer, so that both sides will expand and then tighten again, but it can not be removed many times.