Troubleshooting and skidding analysis of vehicle brake system
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Fault phenomenon: car travel 30 thousand kilometers, brake system failure, slight brake, left and right deviation, continue to use, brake failure. Troubleshooting: check the brake pedal height and pedal force all meet the technical requirements. The vacuum degree of vacuum booster pump is also up to standard with vacuum gauge. In order to determine whether the pressure of the vacuum pump and the main cylinder of the brake is normal, the results show that the difference between the left and right sides is zero, and the difference between the starting and the non starting vacuum assisting wheel cylinder pressure difference is halved (100Bar--50Bar), and the four wheel turns flexibly after the release of the brake, indicating that the oil intake and the oil recovery are normal. The measured thickness of the dismantled friction block is about 10mm. On the surface, the brake system of the car is all normal, but it is found that the surface of the brake lining and the disc are very smooth, and the brake is normal when the friction block and the brake disc are replaced. Failure analysis: what is the cause of friction skidding? 1, the material of the friction block is metamorphosed. For example, in the process of rolling down the vehicle, the brake is used for a long time or frequently, and the friction between the friction block and the brake disc produces high temperature, and the organic polymer in the material is decomposed at high temperature. 2, the brake disc is generally made of steel, although it has a certain metal hardness, but the high temperature will not oxidize, not only the hardness is reduced, but also the cooling too fast will be deformed, resulting in rapid wear of the brake disc, the lower surface roughness of the disc, and a deep groove, even if the replacement of the new friction disc brake will not improve, and the deformation is serious, and the deformation is serious and the deformation is serious. In case, the wheel is unbalanced and the body is jitter. 3, the use of braking in the situation of friction and skid, the temperature will become more and more high, it is bound to lead to higher temperature of the brake sub pump, rubber parts aging, these are the factors that affect the brake. Therefore, in addition to the routine inspection of the hydraulic brake system of the vehicle, the surface roughness of the friction material should be paid special attention to. It is very important to ensure the braking effect.