Consumers complain that Shanghai Volkswagen sells no warranty after sale.
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My vehicle was purchased in October 2004. It was bought and sold in the Xiaoshan automobile market in Hangzhou, not to Shanghai Volkswagen Zhejiang sales and Service Co., Ltd., and the invoice was issued (doubtful that the blemish vehicle was not sold by the 4S store to avoid a quality dispute). Today, there is a complaint about the quality of the Shanghai Volkswagen automobile, which is the result of the delay and unfulfilled promise of the Xiaoshan maintenance station of Shanghai Volkswagen. 1. During the two year warranty, the maintenance cost was nearly ten thousand yuan, and then it was complained to Shanghai Volkswagen headquarters. The manager of Shanghai Volkswagen, Zhejiang and Fujian (now leaving) and Wang Jianping, the service manager of Shanghai Volkswagen Xiaoshan maintenance station (now resigned), agreed to make special special circumstances for my vehicles. Processing, is the whole car test (but the Xiaoshan maintenance station has not been detected so far), extension of the warranty period, in the follow-up maintenance replacement parts nearly 2000 yuan, so my vehicle during the maintenance period (including follow up delay) replacement costs over 10000 yuan, this vehicle Shanghai public also claimed to be qualified, its maintenance station on the gasoline pump float on the After changing 4 times, I will replace the gasoline pump assembly from Xiaoshan maintenance station with my strong demand. 2, during the warranty period, I proposed to Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. that there are two spray paint on the front right shock absorber (frame number) of my vehicle engine (the frame number). It is a blemish refuge vehicle, but the sales of Zhejiang will not be dealt with. After that, the complaint goes to the headquarters of the Volkswagen Automobile in Shanghai, and the Xiaoshan maintenance station is directed by the headquarters of Shanghai Volkswagen. But Xiaoshan repair station only promised to send maintenance and accessories as compensation: maintenance is to clean the engine intake port, but to date, it has not fulfilled its promise. The spare parts provided by the Xiaoshan maintenance station are for nearly a year after complaints to Shanghai Volkswagen without any Chinese logo and the fake accessories marked by the masses. The staff of the Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Sales Service Center surname Lin has been procrastinating and not dealing with the workers surnamed Lin and the Xiaoshan maintenance station. Is it inside? Why is it difficult for us to report to the headquarters of Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile headquarters that its maintenance station is selling fake accessories, is it difficult to deal with the headquarters? That Shanghai Volkswagen car will do it, let its maintenance station sell fake Shanghai mass accessories and sell dog meat on its head. If so, the fate of Shanghai Volkswagen is also gone. It's at the end of the day.