Shanghai Volkswagen channel management is out of control. Many owners complain about Dealer fraud.
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Car sales in November ranked third, selling more than 1 million 60 thousand cars, although the overall pace of the car market slowed this year, but the Shanghai Volkswagen still handed over a good transcript. However, in the good momentum, its dealer management still exposed a secret worry, the new network car channel recently received a number of owners of Shanghai mass dealers complaints, related to the quality of after-sales service, fraud customers and other content. In September 10th last year, Mr. Anhui bought a POLO1.4 three compartment at 4S store in Tongling, Volkswagen, Shanghai. After running 800 kilometers, the car central control station has abnormal sound. Mr. Yu has to send the car to Shanghai Chaohu 4S store, which is closer to home. Next, more questions have emerged. Including wiper can not work; left rear door can not be closed; right rear tire leakage; vehicle navigation deformation; right rear wheel bearing damage. Mr. Chang often took his car to 4S shop for maintenance. However, the trouble always pressed the gourd to float and ladle. What he could not bear was that the apprenticeship failed to break the windshield in a maintenance operation in July this year. Although the store changed the new windshield, the new glass had a chromatic aberration with the original glass, which made the eyesight not very good. After this, Mr. had a distrust of the Chaohu store and turned to Shanghai Volkswagen in Wuhu for maintenance and maintenance, but the car was still small. "The Chaohu store has gone 5 or 6 times, and the Wuhu store has gone to 7 or 8 times." In an interview with the new network automobile channel, "every time we go to the maintenance test, it's all hasty, change the oil and check the screws," he said. "7788 of the problems are my own discovery." He thought he might have bought a defective car and hoped that the manufacturer could extend the warranty period. Mr. Ding of Jiangsu Dafeng bought a Shanghai Volkswagen Langyi last June. After the car opened more than 3000 kilometers, the engine began to appear "Da Da" abnormal noise. Mr. Ding sent the car to Shanghai Volkswagen 4S store in Yancheng for testing, but the other party said everything was normal. When the car started to 5000 kilometers, the noise of the engine was more serious. Mr. Ding sent the car to Shanghai Volkswagen Dafeng maintenance station for testing, but the staff still said there was no problem. By this summer, the car had run out of 13 thousand kilometers, and the engine's noise could not be explained by other reasons. The maintenance station did not admit that the engine had a problem. After that, the maintenance station repeatedly helped Mr. Ding to apply for the replacement of the engine to Shanghai Volkswagen, but the Shanghai Volkswagen rejected it, but just replied that it would continue to repair it. "In Shanghai, we always say that there is no reason why the maintenance station will not be repaired." Mr. Ding said. The repair station has dismantled the engine of the car two times and replaced the hydraulic tappet and the oil pump, but the abnormal noise has not ceased. Later, the Shanghai Volkswagen also proposed to break down the engine to determine the problem, Mr. Ding refused, "they did not tell me clearly after the breakdown is maintenance or replacement. What if we do not find a problem after decomposing without changing engines? The devaluation of the engine is very severe. " He expressed dissatisfaction with the factory only by telephone telecontrol station, "even if they sent an engineer to see it, the demand was not reached." He revealed that the failure of his car is not an example, "we have a QQ group, more than 20 cars are the same problem, the same type of engine." Mr. ge of Jiangsu complained to China automotive network channel that he was almost fraudulent by dealers. In June 17th of this year, Mr. Ge bought a new Passat 1.8T in Suqian's Shanghai Volkswagen Teng Sheng 4S store. He originally intended to handle the car loan, but heard Shen Shen, a salesperson, said that the first payment would not be delayed, so he paid the whole amount in advance. Mr. Shen lobbied Mr. Ge for loans from SAIC financial group. Mr. Ge calculated that he would pay more interest than the bank, and rejected the proposal. After that, 4S shop arranged for Mr. Shen to contact the Construction Bank for vehicle loan affairs for Mr. Ge.