Complain the Shanghai Volkswagen forcibly raise the price and not get the car
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Complaint brand: Shanghai Volkswagen - way view complainant: Mr. Jiang's 4S store name: Shanghai Volkswagen Liyang Sales Service Co., Ltd. complaint time: 2010-06-05 complaint area: Changzhou - Liyang 4S store telephone: 051987110811 types of vehicle: SUV vehicle status: one month Shanghai Volkswagen didn't have a positive answer when he could mention the car to me. And play word games with me, "because of the short supply of car resources in the near future, dealers to make customers can pick up the car as soon as possible, recommend customers to buy relatively more upgrade version of the vehicle model, this model mainly increases the route view vehicle configuration and other upgrade packages, if the customer must be required to order the original model, dealers can also give reservations, only In view of the current shortage of resources, the car reservation cycle may be longer; "this sentence means that it must be added to the mandatory decoration, if not, the vehicle will be far away. The so-called upgraded version of the car is simply a big joke, there is no such vehicle. I wanted to choose a comfortable technology package, and Shanghai Volkswagen told me there was no such vehicle. How do you explain the so-called upgraded version? Please do not insult the intelligence quotient of the customers in Shanghai. When I ordered the car, I repeatedly asked to install the comfort technology package, because the Shanghai public told me not to arrange the production, so I had to go back to the next. This shows that the people of Shanghai are fighting their own mouths. The so-called upgrade package is not the original car when the factory is ready, but the Jiangsu distribution center requires 4S shop to install it. What are the two kinds of repackaging? Why do I need to disassemble the new car for a good reason? Can your 4S shop be compared to the original factory level? If the factory is installed in the factory, then I can accept it. But the fact is: NO. also has "give 500 yuan oil card to the customer and a" Tiguan car model "as an apology, and the customer accepts this. This is a nonsense at all. First, oil card and car model are my prizes to participate in the activities of Shanghai Volkswagen website. Second, no one in Shanghai has ever consulted with me. From above, we can see that the Shanghai public has no sincerity to solve this problem. If there are practical actions to think about the customers, I will not complain 2 times at all. Moreover, the result of the 2 complaint still shows that the public in Shanghai is ignoring the reasonable demands of customers. I reserve the right to complain and do not rule out continuing complaints. What I want to know most now is when to lift a car. Ask the Shanghai public to answer positively and give the exact time. A big automobile company can not satisfy the reasonable demands of customers. Once again, this behavior is really discredited to the brand image. There is also a real question: Shanghai Volkswagen kicked all my questions to 4S, but is this something 4S can handle? Your upper class does not attach importance to the arrangement of vehicles without 4S. All your so-called negotiations are empty words. Ask: can 4S make a car for me alone? No! 4S even my car did not know when all! Finally, again strongly demand that the Shanghai Volkswagen as soon as possible to arrange for me without any decoration of the vehicle, and clear to the car time! If there is still no actual action and sincerity, I will continue to complain.