Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan engine abnormal noise manufacturers reject claims assembly
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Complaint brand: Shanghai Volkswagen complaint car department: road view Complaint Model: 2010 route view 1.8TSIAT two drive Jingying complaint time: 2012-12-410:13 complaint details: in October 28th this year, vehicle engine abnormal noise, jitter, Zhoukou Sino German four S store inspection, they said no problem. In November 3rd, the abnormal noise of vehicle engines aggravated and the jitter became more serious. After reflecting to the 4S shop, the store sent the car towed away. The result of the inspection was that the engine failed and could not be repaired, so the engine must be replaced. The store manager approved the price of replacing the entire engine. A few days later, Ma manager changed his mind and said that he could only repair it and could not change it. He said this was the opinion of headquarters. My vehicle is still in the warranty period, such as such a serious quality problem, four S store has been shirking responsibility, vehicles towed to four S shop for more than a month, the 4 four S shop refused to perform three packages of responsibility, indignant! I have to make a complaint again. Complaint reply: China automobile quality network has forwarded your complaint to the relevant competent departments of the state. We will continue to follow the complaint, and will be published in the quality automobile magazine, please keep your attention!