There is a hidden danger! The frequent spontaneous combustion of the mass transit in Shanghai
  • Automotive

Recently, some netizens reported that there was another Shanghai mass transit accident in Beijing, which was a spontaneous combustion accident after the car accident in Shanghai. The reason for its specific fire remains to be answered satisfactorily by the people of Shanghai to the vast number of consumers and owners. The following is a spontaneous exposure of a group of images on the Internet. Many netizens joked, "I know why I didn't get a car because it was self burning." In addition, some netizens with bad mouth even said that this way of thinking should be renamed "earth coffins" or "slaughtered officials". How many consumers look forward to their eyes, a few million yuan to start with the price, but now, the idea of another spontaneous combustion accident, it is very likely to break down the sale of this car myth dream again. This self ignition way is very full, and its tragic degree makes the owner of the road car very disappointed. It seems that there is a feeling of being cheated and consumed. In fact, a search on the Internet, Shanghai Volkswagen POLO, Passat, tudan, and even the Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda, including a number of models of excessive spontaneous combustion accidents, and all of the sudden fire in normal driving, this is really frightening. When the "new CrossPolo life is only 20 minutes", "Skoda's new car is self ignited in 35 days", "the manufacturer deceives the consumer after the factory's spontaneous combustion" and "the manufacturer evade the responsibility after the Tuan's spontaneous combustion", people may be stunned. The Shanghai Volkswagen, in addition to producing a self burning car, has its clothes. The quality of business is also criticized by people. It is reported that from July 2004 to 4 July 2008, the volume of Shanghai Volkswagen has reached about 1 million 500 thousand vehicles at home, and an average of 4 cars will have a report about spontaneous combustion. Even if duplication of information is removed, this proportion has reached 1:9, or even more. From the whole industry, the figures are also shocking. Moreover, in 2010, the Spontaneous Combustion Accident of Shanghai Volkswagen continued to show an upward trend, without any restraint.