Shanghai Volkswagen brand new Passat engine EPC light
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Complaint brand: Shanghai Volkswagen complaint car department: parst Complaint Model: 2011 New PASSAT1.8TAT honor version complaint time: 2012-12-316:26 complaint details: the first time in high speed, the EPC alarm appeared in October 5th, the car body jitter, stop the car after the new start, so normal driving after starting, so I didn't take the car seriously. I have complained once, someone called to ask for no news. Yesterday in the normal driving, in the EPC alarm, today called to ask to say is the accidental EPC fault, oil has a problem, if so, how to do Chinese oil bad I buy imported gasoline? Check not to check directly to tell me that oil has a problem, comment on what is based, so confident of a serious problem, report EPC does not matter, can not lose power, and it is not to stop to start again after the normal. What do I do if I always shine like this in the future? Complaint reply: China automobile quality network has forwarded your complaint to the relevant competent departments of the state. We will continue to follow the complaint, and will be published in the quality automobile magazine, please keep your attention!