Air traffic accident occurred in Shanghai Volkswagen.
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Complaint brand: Shanghai Volkswagen complaint car department: road view Complaint Model: 2010 road concept 2.0TSIAT four drive Jingying complaint time: 2012-11-2822:49 complaint details: Shanghai Volkswagen bus quality is too poor, about 300000 car safety airbag is not a point, I occurred a positive crash in April 2012. The 60 km speed was broken by a severe safety belt that bleed my shoulder and the crotch was broken, but the airbag had no response, causing the passengers of the driving seat to die. I really regret spending so much money on buying cars, and airbags are not safe at all! After the car accident, I sent the Shanghai Volkswagen Zhengzhou 4S shop repair, more than half a year still not repaired, I gave Shanghai public complaints almost no use, today, I learned that the reason for the delay is the custom accessories Shanghai Volkswagen did not send to Zhengzhou, has been wrongly sent to Shanxi, and accessories have been used by other cars, crying, Shanghai Volkswagen! How many months will it take to repair a car? Alas! Really regret, I bought the Shanghai Volkswagen car! Complaint reply: China automobile quality network has forwarded your complaint to the relevant competent departments of the state. We will continue to follow the complaint, and will be published in the quality automobile magazine, please keep your attention!