Auto spontaneous combustion is not complete and the insurance is not complete
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Recently, when Mr. Liu drove to the roadside, he suddenly became self igniting due to the aging of the line. After the event, the insurance company refused to pay. In this regard, Mr. Liu does not understand, saying he bought a car damage insurance, why spontaneous combustion does not compensate? Continuous high temperature, auto ignition incidents increased significantly. Many car owners know that after the car was burnt, the original auto ignition is one of the exemption clauses in the vehicle damage insurance clause. The reason is that the risk of auto ignition is an additional risk of vehicle damage insurance. For vehicle spontaneous combustion, the insurance company generally has the corresponding "spontaneous combustion", if the vehicle does not have an extra insurance "self ignition insurance", the main cause of the loss caused by the self ignition of the vehicle can only be bought by himself. According to the analysis of the industry, self ignition risk as an additional risk of vehicle damage insurance, can only be purchased on the basis of vehicle damage insurance, can buy spontaneous combustion insurance. The claim is also conditional, and the insurance must be complete. It is understood that the types of spontaneous combustion insurance are classified into non business vehicles, private cars and business vehicles. The spontaneous combustion risks of non business vehicles include fire, explosion and spontaneous combustion. Business vehicles include fire and spontaneous combustion, and private cars only include spontaneous combustion. There are two kinds of explosions, the first is fire, and the second is spontaneous combustion. Self ignition is the burning phenomenon of electric and oil system inside the automobile. The insurance company has the right to refuse to pay for the vehicles that are privately refitting the oil road and circuit, which can be seen as caused by human reasons. It is the external cause that affects the "spontaneous combustion" of the car. If you want to pay for a car after its spontaneous combustion, you have to purchase an auto additional risk after purchasing the vehicle damage insurance. In addition, owners should also pay attention to the risk of spontaneous combustion. Because motor vehicle spontaneous combustion insurance usually has 15%-20% absolute franchise, if the spontaneous combustion caused a loss of 10 thousand yuan, then the insurance company can only pay 8500 yuan. If you want to get full compensation, you will also need to purchase no deductible insurance.