Passat leakage DSG gearbox failure Shanghai public quality worrying
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The so-called "city gate fire, disaster to fish in the pond", the previous period, the old Passat was dued by a number of media, there is a "leakage" defect. Recently, Jiangsu car friends to the network maintenance hotline 0571-85311026 aeration, said the new listed new Passat also has "water leakage" phenomenon, causing a number of newly bought new Passat owners in an uproar. More worrying, the new Passat dual clutch DSG gearbox is also exposed to a hidden danger. Recently, Ms. Shi, a Jiangsu car friend, reflects on the right to maintain the rights of the car. The newly bought new Passat has only opened 1400 kilometers. He found a lot of water under the right seat in the back row and mocked "the original car can raise fish." Ms. Shi told reporters that the 1.8T's brand - new Passat was in July 31, 2011 and spent nearly 240 thousand of its purchase from the 4S shop of the Changjiang River in Nantong, Jiangsu, and opened it for a few days, and found the problem. "A few days before and after the reading lamp was broken, and the switch of the central control table was also broken. The problem of the cup was not solved for 1 months. The 4S shop said there was no spare parts to be delivered." Shanghai Volkswagen as a big factory, the car's minor defects have to be repaired for so long, Ms. Shi is puzzled. However, the next thing makes Ms Smith more depressed. The new car has traveled 1400 kilometers. So he drove the car to the 4S shop of the Yangtze River in Nantong, and the maintenance teacher did a good job of drying the bottom of the car seat without telling the cause of the water. Why does the car accumulate water indescribably? Ms. Shi repeatedly asked the 4S shop teacher why she had accumulated water, but the maintenance master just replied to the water that did not know how to enter it. "The water has been dried, but the cause of the leakage has not been found, and the hidden danger is still there." Ms. Shi questioned Tao. Yesterday evening, the network reporter and so on came to the director of Yuan's reply, he said this has been handled by Wang Jian, the service manager, from Wang Jian that the car did have water, 4S shop was also the first time to clean up and leak analysis, but has not been found the direct reason, according to the area of water traces of preliminary judgment, can It can be caused by water outside the window, not what the owner claimed is the leakage of the air conditioning system. Although yuan director had heard of old Passat blocking water leakage, he said that new cars were unlikely to cause stagnant water caused by drainage holes. "Don't shut the window into the 4S store," Ms. Shi said. "My car stopped in the garage at night. Even when it was running, the rear seat should be wet, but the seat was dry and the bottom was wet." Facing the customer's doubts, the director of yuan yuan of the 4S store said this morning that it had passed the customer's ditch again, and explained that the results of the current investigation were not the quality of the car. The new Passat of Hangzhou, who has been bought for a new month's new Passat, has a different noise. Mr. Jie said that the appearance and maneuverability of the new Passat were very attractive to him. At the beginning of the listing, he had been looking forward to buying a reward for himself. In August 9th of this year, Mr. Jie finally made his wish to buy a new 1.8T Passat in a dealer office in Hangzhou. But after a few days, the fun of driving a new car disappeared. "Every bumpy road is always accompanied by a tower tower, and sometimes it can be heard at a low speed." For a long time, the noise became more and more objectionable. The new car has a strange noise. Later, he called 4S store and was told to go to 4S store for testing. Last week, the staff of the 4S store told Mr. Hong that the gearbox had problems and needed to be replaced. Now it is now applying for a new gearbox to the headquarters of Shanghai. It will take 10 working days to reply.