Common use and maintenance problems
  • Automotive

The owners of Si Di reflect 6 common and typical problems. Question 1: the window on the front side window of Si Di will be "bang" when it descends 5-10CM. Solution: the main problem is that the soft glue bar in front of the glass is not thick enough, and there is vacancy in the orbit space of the glass rising and falling, so the vibration produces the abnormal sound. The owner can go to the local 4S shop and solve the abnormal noise caused by the vibration of the vehicle during the driving process by using a single side sealing soft strip to thicken the original rubber strip. Problem 2: when the cold car starts to sink, it will require a lot of effort to step down, and the speed of starting is slow. The throttle response is insensitive and the fuel consumption is too large. Solution: the problem arises because the throttle of the vehicle is dirty, and the throttle of the vehicle is a controlled valve used to control the air into the engine, and after entering the intake manifold, it is mixed with gasoline to become a combustible mixture of gases and participate in the work of combustion. All 4S shops in Guangzhou Honda provide cleaning throttle service. Question 3: the steering wheel is heavier when the steering wheel is at high speed. Solution: This is normal. Because dedi uses an electronic power pump steering system, this kind of power pump can provide greater steering power at low speed, and the power output is relatively reduced at high speed, so the steering wheel is heavier when it is high speed. Question 4: dedi's exhaust pipe has water. Solution: a small amount of effluent from the exhaust pipe is normal. There is no need to worry. The main products of gasoline combustion are water and carbon dioxide, which is a good performance of the engine. When gasoline burns in a cylinder, it suck in a lot of air, and then discharge the same amount of waste gas. When the exhaust muffler is tortuous, the water vapor in the exhaust gas condenses down to form a drop of water. This is the most normal performance, burning completely steam into cold water, car owners need not panic. Problem 5: dedi automatic model, more than 500 kilometers after the feeling of starting power obviously weakening speed is very slow, speed will reach 2500 to jump 2, after a while to return to normal. Solution: any vehicle must be driven after hot cars, which is essential for the engine. Just like a person who has to prepare for running, the engine is pre heating, so that it can prepare well before exercise and work in the best condition. The problem is that the engine is not preheated, so there is such a situation. In fact, there will be new cars, but they may not feel it at that time. Question 6: the odometer automatically zeroed. The solution: the maximum counting position of the single driving odometer is 999 kilometers. That is to say, when the vehicle runs more than 999 kilometers, the mileage count table will automatically zero, and the mileage shows that the mileage is not changed. In addition, the user can choose to manually reset, and press the small button on the instrument desk to make the single mileage counter cleared.