How to deal with a sudden situation in a traffic accident?
  • Automotive

Now there are many drivers on the roads, but few of them really understand cars. Many friends can only drive and do not have cars. When the car appeared outstanding, panic stricken, do not know how to deal with. The special feature is that it often happens at the point of time that we can't predict, and when it happens, it will be surprising and even can't be treated calmly, so there will be an accident. So when a vehicle suddenly breaks down, what should the owner do to keep it safe? When there is a fault in the train, how to do emergency measures to break up is not big, and can be coated with a layer of soap with a layer of soap. If the rupture is large, the rupture of the hose can be cut off, a bamboo tube or iron pipe is set in the middle, and the wire is tied up with wire. The broken belt can be tied up with wire or the car should be opened and stopped. The screw hole slider will cause oil leakage or loosening of connecting rod to make it unable to work. At this time, the original screw can be hammers and flatten with the hammer, so that the two sides will expand and tighten again, but it can not be repeatedly removed. When the motor vehicle is used, the oil tank is leaking, it can clean the oil leaking place, apply soap or bubble sugar to the oil leaking place, temporarily block it, and use epoxy resin adhesive to repair it, the effect is better. When the tubing is broken, the ruptured place can be cleaned, coated with soap, wound with cloth strips or rubber cloth, and tied with wire, then a layer of soap. When the oil pipe breaks, it can find a rubber or plastic pipe sleeve that is suitable for the diameter of the tubing. If the sleeves are not tight enough, the ends must be tightly tied with iron wire to prevent oil leakage. According to the size of the sand hole, choose the electrical fuse with the corresponding specifications, and smash it into the sand eye with a hand hammer, so that oil leakage and water leakage can be eliminated. The detachable oil pump takes out the diaphragm and uses the rubber board, electrical insulating rubber or plastic cloth to shape and shape the original shape and size, and polish it. After the valve spring is broken, the broken spring can be removed, and the two broken segments can be installed in turn, and then they can be used. Also can find a piece of 1 millimeter thick iron, cut into a 1 mm diameter larger than the spring diameter of the wafer, inside a round hole, diameter less than 4 millimeter diameter of the spring, the outer edge of each 6 millimeter cut into 4 millimeter long cracked motor vehicles, such as engine tubing joint oil leakage, mostly oil pipe Lama mouth and tubing nuts are not sealed. The cotton yarn can be wrapped around the horn of the horn, and then the tubing nut is tightened with the tubing joint, and the bubble gum or maltose can be chewed into a paste, and it is applied to the nut seat of the tubing.