The automobile maintenance industry is in a mess and needs to be harnessing
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In China, the more mature industries should be vehicle maintenance. The automobile maintenance industry is developing more smoothly and the industry development time is longer. The industry is relatively mature, so the competition will be relatively fierce. In cities or suburbs, many automobile repair plants and maintenance sites can be seen. In the post market, the scale of automobile maintenance industry should not be overlooked. However, because of the large scale, wide market scope and fierce competition, there is a lack of order and even chaos in the industry. The great development of automobile repair industry is the trend of the times. With the increase of car ownership in China, the rapid growth of car ownership is destined for the automobile maintenance industry to move randomly. No one can guarantee that the car can always be not bad and there is no problem. Then, the repair plant will inevitably become the second "home" of the car, where the owners often visit. However, when the car owners are eager to repair the car, because they do not understand the market and cat and cat, many car owners are unavoidable to be "slaughtered". The chaos is also starting from here: the same failure, the same owner, but different maintenance sites, the price of maintenance is quite different. In the industry, there are so many cases like this that car owners sometimes have a lot of headaches. To repair cars is like winning lottery tickets. Most want to be able to meet the low price and repair the high quality of the car, the most worried is that the price is not low, repair is not enough, this is the most let car owners angry. The second is the quotation problem in the auto repair industry. Of course, the first reason must be that there is no uniform standard system in the automobile repair industry, and there is no unified quotation. But in fact, it is difficult to stipulate uniform prices. Repairs need to consider practical problems, and can not be generalized pricing. For different automobile repair plants, the boss's style, maintenance technician's technology and maintenance ethics have become the reasons why the quotation is unknown. Vehicle maintenance is a technical activity. It can not be done without several years of maintenance experience. Therefore, in the real maintenance process, the general owners are very difficult to grasp the pros and cons. Many times, if we do something, the owners will not find it at all. Therefore, the ethics of maintenance technicians has become a standard of maintenance. Of course, most of the maintenance personnel are very professional. However, due to some interests, especially small maintenance factories. The boss's mood has become the standard of the maintenance personnel. In order to make more money, there will certainly be some ugly things like black car repair and changing parts. But as an ordinary car owner, there is no way to find the trick. An industry without standardized constraints is very easy to go back to the road, so that the long-term development of the industry has become a problem. Therefore, the specification of the industry is still very necessary. But so far, what can be done is to control the chaos in the maintenance industry. Relevant departments can take some measures, for example, for a relatively common price, to maximize the protection of consumers' rights and interests. As owners, they should increase their knowledge of car repair and arm themselves so as not to allow bad auto repair to take advantage of them.