Notice of driving home in the Spring Festival
  • Automotive

As the Spring Festival draws near, many owners are ready to drive home with their own cars to celebrate the new year. What should we pay attention to when we drive home? This reporter consulted some of the sales director of 4S shop, let them tell you what matters should be paid attention to when driving home. Note 1: before travel to the professional automobile after-sales maintenance personnel to introduce that the owner of the car before the trip, the car must go to the 4S shop to do 9 or 15 free maintenance. For example, to check whether the tire is gas, whether it is damaged, whether the battery has electricity or not. For some owners who think their car is a new car, it doesn't worry about problems. The maintenance personnel point out that it is not a big obstacle to drive to 4S and let himself know about his car. And every 9 4S stores or 15 overhauls are free. It only takes a little time for owners to change their comfort and comfort. Note two: the owner of the car that can't drive every year for the Spring Festival from driving home may be about two or three days, and some are going to four or five hours. For owners who need to drive for more than 20 hours, two drivers must take turns driving to avoid fatigue. Note three: meet the frost section of the frost section for the Spring Festival, the weather or the cooling of the Spring Festival. For the owners who go home to the north for the new year, they must be driving steadily when they come across the frost section, never step on the accelerator or the brake, and pay attention to the observation. The condition of the front car should be kept at an appropriate distance, not too near; the direction should be gentle and steady, and not to fight. If the hand is blocking the car, try to choose a lower gear and avoid sliding. If the emergency situation needs to be brakes, it is necessary to observe the vehicles in the rear and the rear in a short time, and do not randomly change directions. Otherwise, there may be greater danger. Note four: as the car is ready to go home for a long distance, the owners must be equipped with the tools to avoid the use of an emergency on the road. Vehicle spare parts: a complete set of tools, spare tires, spark plugs, wires, insulating tape, wire, traction rope, spare oil bucket, bucket, engineer shovel and so on. Check the adequacy of spare tire car gas, preferably equipped with portable inflator and tire pressure gauge. Check whether the vehicle traction rope is strong or not. If there are fuzz and local cracks, it is best to replace the new ones in time so as to avoid the risk of traction. Note five: the "legal proof" of the vehicle must be prepared for the identification card, license, driving license, road maintenance fee and purchase tax, vehicle use tax, route map, credit card, insurance bill, notebook and pen. Because the identification card, driving license, driving license and a series of proof materials related to car and car owners are very important to the province, the "legal proof" of the vehicles is the necessary premise for you to travel smoothly. It should be carefully checked before departure in order to avoid the correction of traveling mood. It's a lot. And the route map is the guiding light that guides you to go wrong. Although many of them have navigation now, there is no harm in preparing a map, especially when you are not familiar with it.