After the maintenance of the car on the elevated, who can pay for it?
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Finally, at the end of May last year, Mr. Wei bought a second-hand car and transferred the name of Miss Zhang, the daughter-in-law. When bought, the car meter showed that it had already run 50 thousand kilometers. When he reached his hand, the car ran more than 20 thousand kilometers, and it was not yet 80 thousand kilometers before the accident. At the beginning of December, Mr. Wei stopped his car on the roadside outside the Qingpu road. When he was eating at a roadside restaurant, the car was damaged by a logistics company's car. A few days later, Mr. Wei sent the car to No. 7, tsuwan new village, Qingpu, and found a company called "Chang Zun" to carry out auto repair. After the other side inspection vehicles, the taillight crashed to change a light, and the vehicle start motor bad need to change, the body surface was hit part of the scratch, spray paint treatment, a total of 1500 yuan. Mr. Wei agreed, and the two sides agreed to take the car in 3 days. After taking the car for second days in the morning of December 13th, Mr. Wei took the car from the repair plant and then went to the nine star market from Qingpu, about more than 80 kilometers. At 10:40 on the second morning, he and the driver went out to work. When the car drove to the Yat Sen shelf, the driver said it felt like a small stone. The car ran up and did not work. When the car climbed down the slope, the car himself stopped and the head part "Hula" jumped out. Mr. Wei and the driver hastened to pull. Open the door and run out. As soon as they came out, the car burned up. As a result of the sudden traffic accident, the vehicle transfer procedures and repair documents of the repair shop were not able to get out of the vehicle. Mr. Wei quickly called the police, and the fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene of the accident, put out the fire and dragged the vehicle to the parking lot. The driving license of the vehicle was detained by the parking lot. The traffic police issued a self ignition certificate for the fire department to Mr. Wei. I don't know who I am going to pay for. Mr. Wei thinks that he had just taken the car out of the repair shop the day before. He suspected that the spontaneous combustion of the car might be related to improper maintenance. After the incident, he got in touch with the repair shop. The other party said he had never encountered such a thing, and the vehicle spontaneous combustion was irrelevant to them. "Later, I called the insurance company's telephone number, and I wanted proof of the vehicle burning in the direction. After I handed in the proof, the other side asked me to provide proof of the spontaneous combustion of the vehicle due to the pebble. Mr. Wei was puzzled that the cars were burnt out and could not be proved. Later, Mr. Wei was informed by the insurance company that the car did not invest in auto combustion risk, and the company would not make any compensation. "I received the second day of the phone call, and the insurance company sent someone to the parking lot, checked the car and took pictures, but they did not identify the vehicle after it was burnt out, and did not give the results of the vehicle identification." Since then, Mr. Wei has contacted the repair shop and insurance company several times, but things have not progressed. In response to this, Mr. Wei was very depressed. "He spent thousands of dollars on insurance for vehicles, so he could not pay for it. I am a business person. I am usually very busy and have many places to use cars. These two months are used at the price of 6000 yuan per month. A good car was self ignite, and it almost came to grief. Now, the repair shop and the insurance company have no regard for it. What should I do? " According to the burning reason, the reporter contacted Mr. Wei to repair the car. The boss reflected that the company was carrying on the car repair business, and the car was sent to a place called PuJie auto repair factory for maintenance. The factory switched motor motors, motor oil, three filters and tail lamps for Mr. Wei's car. In fact, there may be many reasons for the spontaneous combustion of vehicles, and Mr. Wei's car is second-hand car. Without any basis, Mr. Wei believed that vehicle combustion was caused by maintenance and demanded compensation. They could not accept it. If Mr. Wei persists in his argument, he can ask professional agencies to identify the causes of vehicle burning and solve problems through legal channels. The head of the insurance company told reporters that the comprehensive insurance clauses and compulsory insurance for motor vehicles bought by Mr. Wei were basic risks. According to the terms of the article, a fire with unknown cause is in the exemption clause. If Mr. Wei bought a self insurance risk (an additional risk) on the basis of basic insurance, he could get compensation. The person in charge suggested that Mr. Wei go to the relevant unit to make an appraisal to the burning of the vehicle, make clear what the cause of the fire is, and then analyze it according to the results of the identification, whether it is in accordance with the insurance liability provisions stipulated in the insurance contract.