Emergency maintenance of automobile driving common fault
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If there is a breakdown in the train and there is no spare parts supply and urgent use at the moment, we can take some urgent repair methods. When the rupture is not large, a cloth coated with a layer of soap will be used to bind the leakage. If the rupture is large, the rupture of the hose can be cut off, a bamboo tube or iron pipe is placed in the middle, and the wire is tied tightly. The broken belt can be tied up with wire or the car should be opened and stopped. The screw hole slider will cause oil leakage or loosening of connecting rod to make it unable to work. At this time, the original screw can be hammers and flatten with the hammer, so that the two sides will expand and tighten again, but it can not be repeatedly removed. When the motor vehicle is used, it is found that the oil tank is leaking oil. It can clean the oil leaking place, apply soap or bubble sugar to the oil leaking place, temporarily block it, and use epoxy resin adhesive to repair it, the effect is better.