Brake failure, 5 methods can be emergency
  • Automotive

1. hang low gear, pull hand brake. Control the direction according to the road condition and speed, disconnect the high speed gear, and quickly hit the empty oil, and change the high speed gear into the low speed gear. In this way, the engine will have great traction resistance to reduce the speed of the vehicle rapidly. In addition, while changing the low speed gear, we should use the hand brake together, but we should pay attention to the fact that the handbrake can not be stretched tightly nor pulled too slowly. 2. wipe the roadside. The use of steel parts such as bumper and carriage and other natural obstacles (rock, tree or slope) to rub and collide with the roadside, so as to achieve the goal of forcible parking and escape, so as to reduce the loss of accidents as much as possible. 3. when the uphill slope occurs, the brakes fail. They should be lowered into the middle and low gear at the right time, and enough power should be maintained on the top of the parking lot. If you need a half slope parking, you should maintain a low gear ahead, tighten your hand brake, and your car will be stuck with wheels and stones in time. If there is a slip phenomenon, the rear end should face the hillside or the safety side, and turn on the headlights and emergency lights to cause the attention of the front and rear vehicles. When the 4. downhill brake fails, the driver should not use the vehicle itself to control the speed of the car. The driver should make use of the natural obstacles, such as the roadside rock, the big tree and so on, to cause the resistance to the car. If the suitable terrain and objects can not be found for a moment, the side of the body can be pulled close to the edge of the mountain in an emergency, and the resistance can be increased by friction, and the speed of the car is gradually reduced. 5. vehicles should step on the brakes when they are down or on steep slopes. It can test the performance of brake, and also can control the speed of vehicles when the brake fails. It is also known as predictive braking.