Avoid accidents and know how to prevent blowout at high speed.
  • Automotive

In automobile driving, tyres are very important for driving safety, especially at high speed. Accidents caused by tire blowout occur frequently. So, how to prevent high speed blowout? In the course of driving the car, how to prevent the blowout in the high speed, usually pay attention to the maintenance of the tire often check whether the tire has a tie, scratch, whether there is a breakout caused by the broken line. When the car is raised, you should check whether there is any problem inside the tire. If you find the problem, consult the repair shop or 4S shop in time. Change the tire as required so that the wear is even. Two. Pay attention to tire life. To a certain mileage, the tire must be determined according to the road surface and wear condition. Generally speaking, the road time of a city can be longer than that of a city. If frequent high speed roads or poor roads are used, the wear degree must be changed in time. Three, develop a good habit of checking tire pressure to check the tire pressure regularly, every month to measure tire pressure, at any time to add. The tire pressure should be checked before high speed to keep it within normal range. Four, to prevent tire temperature from being too high in high speed, try not to run too fast for a long time. This is especially important in the summer. Five, keep good driving habits, control speed as far as possible to prevent quick start, quick brakes and quick bending, these actions will aggravate the tire wear and increase the moment pressure. Do not crush hard objects on the road and control the speed. The blowout on the freeway is affected by the quality of the tire, the temperature of the gas, the wear, the condition of the road and the operation of the road. The cause of the tire quality is very complicated, and some of the quality problems of the tire are not checked by the general repair plant. Therefore, it is difficult to completely eliminate the high speed blowout. But paying close attention to your love fetus, checking and maintaining in time, and developing good driving habits are beneficial and harmless. Once the blowout occurs, do not brake at once, hold the steering wheel slowly, and slow down the speed. When self driving becomes a fashion, tell riders: keeping controllable speed is the only life-saving straw when danger occurs.