Automobile brake pad should be changed regularly or changed according to wear.
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Master Liu: driver has been driving for 5 years, and no brake pad has been replaced yet. Excuse me, should the brake pad be replaced regularly or according to the degree of wear? Answer: the brake pad belongs to the consumables, it will wear out gradually in the use, when it is worn to the limit position, it must be replaced, otherwise it will reduce the effect of brake and even cause safety accident. In general, the front brake shoe wear is relatively fast, and the rear brake shoe is used for a relatively long time. In the daily maintenance, should pay attention to: under normal driving conditions, every 5000 km to check the brake disc once, not only to check the remaining thickness, but also to check the state of the wear and tear of the hoofs, the degree of wear on both sides is the same, whether the back position is free and so on, it is found that the abnormal situation must be dealt with immediately, the brake must not wait to wait. The friction material was partly worn out. Some vehicles have alarm functions with brake pads. Once the wear limit is reached, the instrument will alarm and prompt for replacement. In addition, some consumers like to find a repair shop to replace brake pads. In fact, the brake pads provided by the original spare parts should be replaced when replacing, so that the braking effect between the brake disc and the brake disc is best and the wear is minimal. A special tool must be used to replace the brake sub pump when replacing the brake shoe. It can not be hard pressed back by other crowbar, which will easily lead to the bending of the brake guide screws and block the brake pads. After replacing the brake pads, you must step on several foot brakes to eliminate the gap between the hooks and the brake discs, resulting in no brake on the first foot and easy accidents. In addition, it is necessary to run in 200 km to achieve the best braking effect.