Gearbox moisture intake three kinds of severity can be saved as early as possible.
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Two kinds of conditions will get the three types of water to lower the cost of early repair - in August 15th, reporters came to Beijing's three main automatic transmission repair points in one of the Beijing automatic transmission service center of Qingyang, where hundreds of gearboxes are waiting for repair. After the "7. 21" catastrophic natural disaster, many vehicles in Beijing need to be repaired, and the gearbox can only be repaired in a few specific locations. In Chaoyang District, the bri Yan Auto Transmission Service Co., Ltd., which is located in Chaoyang District, has also repaired a large number of influent gearboxes recently. After wading, the engine is not only the engine, but also the gearbox is easy to flow into the water, resulting in gear wear, noise and even driving. Last week we introduced how to repair a water truck. In this period, we will introduce when the gearbox will enter the water, how to judge the intake degree of the gearbox, the repair and cost after the inlet of the gearbox, and give some advice to the owner of the gearbox who is suspected to have water. The two case can result in the inlet of the gearbox inlet gearbox mainly from the vent. Because the gearbox is not completely closed, the water itself may enter directly through the blowhole. And when the gearbox is running, if the water is cold and the water level is high, it is possible to suck in the water through the air hole. Generally speaking, the influent of the gearbox is mainly caused by the following two conditions: condition 1: the first condition of water not over 2/3 of the wheel is the inflow of the car. The specific criterion is that if the water does not exceed the 2/3 of the wheel, the probability of the inlet of the gearbox is about 80% to 90%. If the water has not passed the position of the dashboard, then the gearbox 100% has been flooded. Situation two: when the water waves enter the gearbox, second kinds of conditions are in the meeting, if the area of the road is too much water, then the wave that is aroused on the body, also may lead to the transmission of the gearbox. Three kinds of Qingyang automatic transmission service center workshop manager Rong Zhengxi said that the inlet of the gearbox can be divided into three different seriousness. The concrete judgment method is as follows: serious water intake: Observation of oil and water mixture can identify the gearbox is more serious water intake, can pass through Direct observation of over oil. The specific method is to drain the oil in the gearbox. If the water is more, the color and viscosity of the oil and water mixture can be judged. Moderate influent: the oil pan appears white precipitates. If the oil can not be determined if the oil is flooded, further examination is needed. The specific way is to dismantle the oil pan for observation. Because if the gearbox is inflow, the mixture of oil and water will produce a white milk mixture and attach to the oil shell. If the sediment is observed, the gearbox is already medium water. Mild water intake: if some of the above two methods can not be judged in the gearbox, the screws in the gearbox should be observed by dismantling. When the oil and water are mixed, it will corrode the screws of steel material. If the gearbox is suspected to have some rust after water, it can be judged to be a slight inlet of the gearbox and the water content will not be too large. Maintenance recommendations for different inlet states are seriously influent: at least three items need to be replaced by a serious transmission. There are a lot of replacement parts. There are six maintenance items below, of which the first three must be implemented: first, replacement of rubber rings, oil seals, and other rubber properties; second, to be replaced. Friction disc, because the friction disc is composed of steel sheet and high density wood fat material, will affect the friction effect when it expands with water; third, it needs to be completely replaced.