Break out of the road on the road and get rid of it yourself
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School quotations: driving on the road, vehicle failure is unavoidable matter, it is hard to find 4S shop, time-consuming and laborious. In fact, some are only small faults, know some small knowledge of the car repair, can be excluded, even if can not be solved, at least will not be helpless, can be more able to guard against the bud. Answer the reader: do you stop automatically? I had a sudden death on the road when I was driving on the road. I hurried on the brakes and then struck the fire again, but the car could not start. What should I do to deal with this problem? Answer: Although the automatic car does not have a clutch, because of mechanical failure, it may still be accidentally stopped. When the battery light is turned on, it will be flameout. Do not hit the steering wheel and brake on many occasions, because there is only two brake chances after the fire. Then, the gearshift lever is quickly pushed into the space, the ignition switch is transferred to the starting position, and after the reboot is successful, the transmission lever is quickly pulled to the D lever, and it can run normally. If multiple attempts, the engine is still unable to start, indicating that the fault is more serious, then it should stop and repair. The application of this method must be familiar with the operation of the vehicle. If the force is too large, the transmission lever will be pushed directly into the reverse gear, which will cause greater damage to the transmission. Case: Xiao Liu is ready to drive home after work, but he found that no matter how he started, the engine could not catch fire, but what was the reason for it? Whether the distributor, the spark plug, the high voltage line and so on is read by the tide of the rain or the car washing by the experts: the recent rain is frequent and the accessories of some vehicles are easy to rain. If so, these damp parts will affect the vehicle to start, and the owner needs to think carefully whether they have the condition that the engine room of the car is allowed to enter the water. How to deal with it: first turn off the vehicle, dry the damp parts and start the car. Experts suggest that the engine compartment should be tightly tightened and not to be opened in the rain as far as possible. To check whether the battery voltage is sufficient, experts explain: listen carefully to whether the engine has a bared voice. If so, that means your battery is dead. The best way to prevent batteries from suddenly losing electricity is to pay more attention to the "distress signal" issued by their cars. The signal has the following forms: one is that the starter does not turn or rotates so that the starter can't start; two is the front headlight darker than usual; the three is the small or even no sound of the horn. Treatment method: using the "cross river dragon" connection cable to connect with other vehicle batteries for temporary power supply, so as to start the vehicle. Experts suggest: avoid a long time to light or listen to the radio in the case of engine flameout; for a longer time, it should also turn off the electrical and equipment that is not necessary (the inside and outside lights and sound, navigation, etc.). Case: Recently, Mr. Zhou opened a car with his family to go to the suburbs. In the process of coming back, he always felt that the steering wheel was shaking when the vehicle was driving. I really didn't know why, he stopped at the roadside and waited for the rescue of the people in the 4S store. Whether there are muddy, stone and other sundries on the car tires: outskirts, easy to pass through some muddy pavement, easy to stick with mud, stone and other debris, which will affect the steering wheel, and the debris for high speed is also ineffective, easy to cause blowout. Treatment: remove the stone in the tyre gap and the debris on the wheel. The experts suggest that always pay attention to clean tires. When the tire is impacted by the impact deformation or the wheel balance block, the expert reads: if the tire is very clean, such problems still appear, it is necessary to carefully check whether the tire has had a impact. How to deal with it: in order to avoid safety hazards, we should change the tire in time and look for a balance block near the garage. Expert advice: we must not be careless about this problem. Some bumps do not appear to be bulging. Some of them do not look obvious, but careful examination can help us find problems. After changing the tire, there is no four wheel positioning expert interpretation: if the above two problems are not available, there is a possibility that there is no four wheel positioning treatment after the replacement of the tire: a professional auto repair shop should be found in time for the four round positioning to avoid the hidden danger. Experts recommend: when changing the tire, good at the same time for four rounds of positioning. Case: Xiao Mei's car is an imported luxury car, the window is a key lift design, but in the process of use recently, she found that the main driving side window every time after the rise to the top, will suddenly automatically drop a section, making her every time when the window is careful, very hard. Sensor start anti clip function expert interpretation: the general advanced car in the design of the electric window will install a anti clip function, can avoid the accident caused by the personnel injury. In the use of the vehicle, if some objects are inlaid inside the roof frame of the door, when the window is raised to this part, the sensor will start the anti clamping function and make the window drop. Processing method: check whether there is foreign matter affecting window lifting and cleaning. Expert advice: if it happens only in the process of high speed, it may be voltage, it needs to be adjusted at 4S shop. NO4. back door how to close the strict case: Mr. Xu recently discovered that the back door of his own car was closed, the lock of the car door can not be buckled on the hook on the car, resulting in the closure of the rear door is not strict. You need to push the door or close the door repeatedly to close the door. Excessive friction or body deformation expert interpretation: it is necessary to observe whether the clearance fit is serious, if only because of the design or friction problem, apply a point of lubricating oil, but if very serious, it is necessary to pay attention to the body deformation. Treatment: adjust the position of the lock module and the position of the body hook to make the match better; apply grease on the lock and the position of the hook and strengthen the lubrication. Experts suggest that if the new car is closed, the door will be closed because of the poor coordination of the components. If there is a serious gap fit problem, you can go directly to the 4S shop for compensation, and ask for clearance adjustment.