Common problems of TOYOTA
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As VIOS's Toyota Auto Body Co called "a brand new car specially designed for China", it has ushered in its special commemorative version in October 1, 2008. At the same time, FAW TOYOTA also made preferential adjustments to the prices of these models, and for a while, people's eyes fell on Vic. In this regard, we have collated 6 typical problems of vehicle owners. With these questions, we visited the maintenance experts of FAW TOYOTA East Tianyu Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd., and asked the experts to help our owners to answer these questions. Common problems and specific solutions are as follows: TOYOTA problem 1: the oil meter shows that the remaining oil is different from the actual mileage. Solution: car owners should always pay attention to the protection of the vehicle's gasoline pump, the oil level is best maintained in the range of one to two. Otherwise, there may be bad gasoline buoys, the main purpose of which is to prevent damage to the gasoline pump, because the gasoline pump needs heat dissipation. Problem 2: there is no cool in the back row, and the air conditioner is not cool. Solution: in case of such problems, it is necessary to check the air duct, condenser, evaporator and air conditioner filter. Any one of these components will affect the air conditioning and refrigeration efficiency of the vehicle. Question 3: when you drive in the morning, the first step on the accelerator is very difficult, and second is normal. Solution: This is usually caused by oil circuit or throttle fault. If throttle valve is jammed, please professionally clean the throttle of the vehicle. If the problem of the oil circuit is clear, clear the oil circuit directly. Problem 4: when the vehicle accelerates in the vehicle, listen carefully to hear the sound of the engine continuously "clada", and the noise will disappear after the throttle is loosened. Solution: this phenomenon may be what we commonly call "call rod", the general car owner to the 4S shop to the vehicle oil road cleaning can solve the problem, at present the cost of cleaning the oil road in the store is approximately 200 yuan. Question 5: how can the door be automatically locked when the speed reaches more than 20 kilometers after adjusting to TVSS? Solution: it is possible that the owner of the car's TVSS self adjustment caused the computer to cause a computer related errors, this situation can only be opened to the 4S shop for testing, the professional technical personnel to the computer. Problem 6: solution for severe deformation of roof and window sealant strips: easy to loose the sealant strips on the top of the car, mainly related to the quality of the rubber. If the sealant strips are loosened during the period of the quality warranty period, the 4S store will give the owner free replacement, but it will take about 100 yuan to replace a sealant outside the warranty period. The VIOS special commemorative edition covers four models of two displacement levels of 1.6L and 1.3L, of which the 1.6L special commemorative edition added the side and curtain air sac, and the auxiliary driver's UN seat belt warning system on the original GL-i level, so that the security is greatly improved. In addition, the car also adds the top handle of the driver's seat, the chrome button of the hand brake, the side guard against the side of the car body with the same color car, the rear view mirror and other rear view mirrors with the turning light car, and the decoration is more full in appearance or in the car. The 1.3L grade VIOS WIC special commemorative edition has increased the configuration of aluminum wheels, reversing radar, hand brake chrome plating buttons, which are very popular with consumers. WC is an entry - level city model of TOYOTA, which is mainly the target of young people, and its "raw and cool" feature has caused great repercussions among young people. It has a confident voice and has the courage to lead the trend. Its simple and cool fashion shape is very eye-catching. The optimization of vehicle length, width and height effectively increases the comfort of driving and occupying space inside the vehicle. The two versions of the ordinary version and the sports version, as well as the two displacement of 1.3L and 1.6L, can meet the different needs of consumers.