Disassembly and repair assembly instrument
  • Automotive

Modern cars mostly use combination meters, which are beautiful in appearance and easy to read. However, when a part of the instrument in the instrument indicator indicates problems in use, it often brings a lot of inconvenience to the owner, and in maintenance, some maintenance personnel will change the whole instrument in order to gain greater benefits and bring unnecessary economic burden to the owner. In fact, when the instrument is in service, any instrument instruction can be repaired separately. The following is an example of Fukang car combination meter, which introduces the disassembly process of the combined instrument and the repair of some problems. When the vehicle is in use, there may be a fault that the tachometer does not go or the fuel meter indicates incorrectly. This requires dismantling the tachometer or fuel meter and the corresponding printed circuit board, replacing it if necessary. The concrete steps are as follows: