Spring Festival must be familiar with common faults and accident handling.
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When the Spring Festival is approaching, many people will choose to drive by themselves. Although driving is free from many troubles, you must know a lot of knowledge. How to make a "physical examination" for a car before traveling, and how to deal with bad weather such as ice and snow, and how to deal with a sudden accident? Wait, do you know all this? Now I don't know. It doesn't matter. I'll give you some advice, and I'll accompany you all the way. A car owner usually checks the vehicle before a driving trip, including: when the vehicle is started, the vehicle has the same noise; whether the lights work properly; the brake system is normal; check the oil road. Oil and gasoline have oil leakage, the oil pipeline is aging, the wiper can work properly, check whether the tire has cracks, crack path, tire pressure is suitable, check whether the tire is loose, whether the spare tire can work normally; to the professional automobile maintenance machine, routine maintenance and inspection before long vacation. After these basic checks have been completed, there are several vital checks that can not be ignored. First, the engine, in the long holiday must be in advance of the engine maintenance and cleaning, and check the engine oil, antifreeze use of the situation, the shortage should be added in time, expired should be changed in time. Engine maintenance and cleaning mainly include lubrication system, fuel system, cooling system and so on. In general, the vehicle needs to be cleaned and maintained every 5000-10000 kilometers, in addition, the engine needs to be cleaned and maintained when the engine noise is too large, the acceleration is too weak and the water temperature is too high. Two, the gearbox, the gearbox maintenance is also very important before the long trip. The automatic transmission is usually cleaned and maintained once every 20000-25000 kilometers of the car, or when the gearbox is skidding, the water temperature is high, the shift is slow, and the system leakage is cleaned and maintained once. Remove harmful mud and film sediments, restore the elasticity of the sealing pad and O ring, make the gearbox shift smoothly, improve the power output, and replace the old automatic transmission oil. Three, the steering system, the vehicle's steering system needs cleaning and maintenance once every 40000-45000 km, or when the steering is difficult to turn to the system. After leakage, replace the power steering gear parts, they must also be cleaned and maintained once. "I'm going to drive back to my home, but there's a lot of snow over there, and I want to buy a chain of antiskid, but I don't know what to choose," said Mr. Zhang. Like him, many people have such confusion. This period we interviewed experts on the selection, installation and use of the chain. According to the introduction, there are metal antiskid chains in the market (steel mesh chain, steel ladder chain), TPU skid chain (TPU imported rubber mesh chain), high resin rubber antiskid chain (special antiskid) and so on, and the price is different because of the different materials. The antiskid chain can be divided into two types according to the structure: one is a skid chain that has been covered with a cover; the other is a few separate antiskid chains that are intersecting. It is simpler and cheaper, but it is less convenient to install than the former. In particular, we need to remind everyone of the car owners that in order to avoid accidents, we should pay attention to seeing whether there are formal manufacturer's identification and product certification on the product packaging. Industry experts said that the iron chain of antiskid chain damage to the tire is relatively large, it is suggested that most car drivers choose rubber or ox tendon antiskid chain, truck drivers choose iron antiskid chain more. Because of the use of less frequency, experts recommend that private owners choose the kind of iron wrapped rubber material has been covered with a skid chain, the price is also cheaper, about one hundred yuan, can be repeatedly used many times. When the owner chooses a skid chain, it is necessary to first confirm whether the car is a front wheel or a rear wheel drive, because the chain must be mounted on the set of tyres that play a major role. In addition, the owner should pay special attention, once the vehicle installed antiskid chain, driving speed should not exceed 20 kilometers, secondly, must avoid emergency brake, rapid acceleration, sharp turn and continuous empty turn, otherwise it will damage the antiskid chain. When the vehicle enters the road without the use of anti-skid chains, it must be removed in time, otherwise it will not only affect the speed of running, but also cause serious tire wear. If the rear tire burst, the rear part of the car will swing. In this case, the driver should hold the steering wheel in both hands to keep the car straight and step on the brake pedal a few times, making the car brake and moving the pressure of the vehicle forward to reduce the pressure of the rear tire, and then stop the car slowly. No emergency brake should be used to stop the vehicle from sliding and damage to the wheels. If the front tire bursts and the vehicle runs sharply, it is easy to cause an accident at high speed. In this regard, the driver should control the steering wheel with both hands, relax the throttle, keep the vehicle running in a straight line, and use the engine traction resistance to brake the vehicle so that it can stop safely. Emergency braking should not be used to prevent bias or lateral slip. Driving on a flat road, if the brake failure of the car should be quickly changed from high speed to low speed gear, the speed of the car is reduced by the traction of the engine. If the brake failure occurs in the downhill, in addition to the use of engine braking, it should also use the roadside natural obstacles to stop, as far as possible to reduce the loss of the accident. Sideslip is due to excessive braking before the bending of the body to move forward, high speed, late turn and rush to correct the direction of correction. If the overbrake causes sideslip, the brake pedal should be loosened and the reverse direction is reversed to restore the traction force. If the speed is high and the steering is caused by the sideslip, the accelerator should be loosened and the speed is loosened. At the same time, the steering wheel should be flapped to the side sliding side according to the speed and the sideslip, so that the car will be flaky. As the saying goes, "don't be afraid of ten thousand, just in case." When driving in ice and snow weather, good cars will occasionally "temper". If the owners do not have enough equipment, they may be in a dilemma. Therefore, the reporter specially arranged a set of winter car must belt equipment: antiskid chain, ice and snow shovel (light shovel), trailer rope, hand flashlight, wire, plastic tire cushion. With these equipment, owners do not have to worry about problems in winter. In addition, do not forget to check the antifreeze, screwdriver, spare tire, Jack, fire extinguisher and other standing car emergency supplies before traveling.