Bus communication fault for public Passat bus
  • Automotive

A Volkswagen Passat B5 1.8T with a mileage of about 61000KM. The engine failed to start the engine to repair the plant. The driver showed that the car had a traffic accident, when the left side of the vehicle was hit, the engine could still operate normally. The accident car is pulled to the designated garage for collision repair. After repair, it was found that the engine could not operate properly, and the engine would automatically extinguish after the engine started 2S. This phenomenon is very similar to the burglar alarm system, but the burglar alarm lamp has never been lighted, nor can it match the anti-theft system again. The owner reflected that after the accident, the engine was able to start and operate. Now that the accident was repaired, the engine could not start, so there was a maintenance dispute. Therefore, the owner transferred the car to the Ji'nan advanced technical school maintenance plant for identification and maintenance.