Principle / Heating Cartridges

Heating Cartridge

Heating cartridge is also called heating rod, cartridge heater and heating element. The heating cartridge we describe here refers to the heating cartridge that is used in the MAP thermostat. In the MAP thermostat products, the heating cartridge and thermal actuator are the most critical parts of the whole assembly. Its performance and quality directly affect the cooling performance of the whole engine system.

heating cartridge construction

The position of the heating resistance near the top of the heating cartridge. The heating resistance is connected to the tail of the heating cartridge through wires. And the internal of heating cartridge is filled with high temperature resistant insulation materials.

Qualified heating cartridge must have the following qualities:

Fine surface quality:

The high fine surface roughness ensures the reliability of the motive seal.

Reliability mechanical strength:

There is no fracture or deformation on the surface under high pressure.

Excellent thermal conductivity

The valve must be fully opened within the prescribed time.

Reliability electrical performance:

Ensure that no short and broken circuit occur in 100,000 cycles of power on or off.

Excellent sealing property:

Use excellent rubber parts to ensure no wax leakage during the working period.