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Principle of temperature control:

The thermostat's temperature control is driven by the expansion and contraction of the paraffin brass mixture, which is sensitive to temperature changes. When temperature rises, the wax expanses to push the slide valve, so as to control the opening degree of the valve core and finally realize flow control.

marine valve

Thermostatic valve can control the temperature accurately and the design of the thermostatic valve is solid, which ensures that even in a very broad scope the system is always sensitive to temperature and avoid external forces and sudden impact interference, so as to maintain the constant temperature setting.

The valve core is with a number of leakage holes so that a certain flow can be maintained between port B and port C. Its function is:

  • In the start-up stage, a certain amount of flow is maintained through the cooler, so as to shorten the temperature feedback time and realize rapid temperature control.
  • In applications that are easy to freeze or condense, keeping a certain amount of flow through the cooler can realize anti-freeze effect. Especially suitable for applications where there is no (or does not add) anti-freeze.
  • Suitable for thermostatic valve used for two-way valve (blocking port B) occasions, when the temperature of the circuit is low and the valve is closed, the flow to the valve core is maintained at certain level through leak hole to keep constant temperature, which can ensure the temperature control function.