Fault phenomenon: a Ford Fawkes C307 1.8MT car, the mileage of the vehicle is about 92 thousand km. Car owner Description: the car failed to lock the lock, the remote control can not unlock the lock, the dashboard on the car brake light, the snow light is often bright and the outside temperature has no display of the failure phenomenon....

Audi A6L 29 computer control unit location detailed solution
  • Automotive repair

1> auxiliary heating control unit J364 in the left front leaf plate....

TOYOTA RAV4 fault indicator does not extinguish VSC, TRC
  • Automotive repair

Failure phenomenon: a TOYOTA RAV4, the car is very new, has not been in the period of running in, running more than 1400 kilometers, VSC, TRC and sideslip light, the owner described: the ignition switch to "ON" place after three seconds not extinguished....

BMW 3 system E46 and E90 maintenance light return method
  • Automotive repair

BMW 3 line E90 maintenance lamp is zero 1, oil change maintenance or maintenance check and brake fluid cycle reset - ignition key is located at position "0" - press the button of mileage display (in combination instrument), and rotate the ignition key to position "1" - continue to hold the button for about 5 seconds, 2, until the display appears. Column information: "Oelservice (oil change maintenance)" or "Inspektion (maintenance check)", with "Reset" or "Re" - hold the button again for about 5 seconds, 3, until the display "Reset (reset)" or "Re" flicker - press the button in a short time when the display is flashing, so that the maintenance cycle is reset. After displaying the new cycle b...

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