Analysis of two causes of starter failure cause
  • Automotive repair

When the starting switch is turned on, when the starter does not turn, the horn can be trumpet or the headlight is opened. If the horn does not sound and the light is not bright, the power supply is malfunction, and the battery and connection string should be checked. If the loudspeaker sound is normal and the lamp is bright, it indicates that the power supply is good. At this point, you can turn on the headlights and start the engine. If the light is darker and darker, it will be normal. If the brightness of the lamp does not decrease, it means that the starter does not have a strong current. In this case, it is necessary to check whether the starter circuit has a circuit breaker and whethe...

Analysis of power shortage of Dongfeng bus generator
  • Automotive repair

Fault phenomenon: an Dongfeng bus, which runs normally during the day, but when the lights are opened at night, the light gradually dimmed and the ammeter indicated the discharge; when the light was closed, the ampere meter also indicated the charge....

Emergency treatment of several automobile failures
  • Automotive repair

With the rapid development of the automobile industry and the rapid popularization of automobile consumption, the car will eventually become a kind of step tool into thousands of households, like refrigerators and color TV as the necessities of our life. Nowadays, more and more people will drive, but it's hard to really understand cars. There may be a variety of problems at any time in the way of vehicle exercise. Drivers should take care of their own cars at the same time, but also master some necessary fault identification processing ability, so as to avoid the trouble when the problem appears. Ming De, a senior technician in SNAP automotive beauty maintenance, introduced some emergency ha...

The Otto car starter has impact and can not start failure.
  • Automotive repair

Fault phenomenon, a Changan Alto mini car after 40000km, switch on the starting switch, start machine rotation when there is a crash, and can not drive the engine running....

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