Auto flameout of the Fiat Park engine
  • Automotive repair

Nanjing's Fiat km PALIO 1. 5L hatchback with a mileage of about 76 thousand. The car had a traffic accident, but the engine was not damaged, but the appearance damage was serious. After the accident was completed, the engine test was started, but the engine was unable to start the engine. The reason was that there was no high pressure fire. Through further detection, it was found that the crankshaft position sensor was damaged. Then the crankshaft position sensor was replaced, and then the engine was easy to start the engine, but then the following failure occurred: once the cooling fan entered the high speed operation stage, the engine was automatically extinguished. The engine can not star...

BMW X5 engine failed to light after overhaul
  • Automotive repair

The mileage is about 190 thousand km, and the model is E70, the BMW X5 sport utility vehicle equipped with N52 engine in 2007. When the engine was overhauled, the trouble lights were found during the commissioning. Inspection and analysis: the maintenance personnel detected the engine control unit and found that there was a fault indication that the camshaft phase could not be adjusted when the cold car started. After the cleaning of the camshaft phase adjustment solenoid valve, the test run is still in trouble. Review the entire maintenance process and confirm that the installation of the timing system was very prudent. After the timing chain is loaded, the timing mark is checked 3 times, s...

Audi A4L car engine fire
  • Automotive repair

The Audi A4L 2.0L-TFSI car with a mileage of about 60 thousand km. The engine idling operation is not stable, and a cylinder is defective. Fault diagnosis: after receiving the vehicle, the Audi special diagnostic instrument is used to detect the engine electronic control unit. It is found that the internal storage of the number 3 cylinder fire fault code is consistent with the engine's idling fault symptoms. According to the fault code generated by the ECU, the maintenance personnel can analyze the possible causes of the failure. 1. engine 3 cylinder ignition system malfunction (ignition coil power or ground bad, ignition coil, spark plug, etc.); 2. supply system of the injection nozzle faul...

Difficulty in starting of the Dongfeng Honda CRV cold car
  • Automotive repair

A 2009 DF Honda 2.4L CRV with a mileage of about 103 thousand km. Car owner Description: this car starts normal when hot car, cold car starts difficult. Maintenance summary: this car is due to the poor quality of the fuel filter core, the existence of pressure relief in the process of use, resulting in a period of time after the shutdown of the fuel oil pressure is too low, causing the vehicle to start difficult to start trouble. There are many reasons that cause the vehicle to be difficult to start. We should pay attention to the following points for the maintenance of such failures. 1. to reappear the failure phenomenon. This allows us to identify the probable cause of the failure so as to...

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