Passat B5 car cold car without idle speed
  • Automotive repair

After receiving the vehicle, the trouble code is: 01165 the throttle control unit J338 has not reached the adjustment limit and the 17967 throttle control component J338 has basically set fault. Unplug the throttle body plug and turn on the ignition switch. There are 3 sensor voltages such as 5V, 5.1V and 4.9V. The idle switch F60 has a 10.49V voltage and the junction voltage is 0V. Install the plug, pull the throttle gate G88 has the signal voltage of 0.6V from 4.42V to full open, the G69 signal voltage 3.72V is 3.72V, the 1 foot motor control line open key and the car running without voltage. The measurement of idle speed motor is 18.5 Omega. The data flow shows that the throttle opening o...

Honda accord F20A3 engine noise
  • Automotive repair

Malfunction: a Honda accord (equipped with F20A3 engine) went out in a long distance, and the engine was too hot to drive. The repair shop near it was overhauled. After the repair, there was a loud noise and slight jitter. After the vehicle was checked, it was found that the engine started cold start normally, accelerated well, idling slightly jitter, and exhaust emission was within normal range. Road test, speed up to 70km/h above, there is "GA, GA" abnormal sound, the sound is very light, but in the car can hear very clearly, and the engine has a slight jitter. The engine failure of the parking test is not obvious. Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting: the engine has just come out, and ther...

The Volvo S80 engine has been idle at a high speed
  • Automotive repair

A Volvo S80 with a mileage of over 340 thousand km, an engine of B5254T2 and a transmission of AW50/51. Customers reflected that after the vehicle was lent, the engine kept high idle speed after coming back. Therefore, Chen diagnosis: when the vehicle arrives at the store, the car is tested, the engine keeps high idle speed, keeps at 1400r/min or so, and the phenomenon is verified. The connection diagnostics VIDA reads the fault code and displays the throttle valve malfunction. There are several reasons for this failure: (1) the throttle is dirty. (2) the throttle of the throttle is damaged. (3) there is a problem with the throttle harness. (4) damage to the engine (ECM). First, remove the t...

A 2005 km TOYOTA corolla car with a mileage of about 138 thousand 1ZZ. Customer response: after the vehicle has been put out for a period of time, it can not start for the first time, and it needs to be repeated two or three times to succeed. Malfunction analysis: according to the customer's opinion, the vehicle will be placed more than 20min, and it is not possible to start the vehicle at once. The vehicle can be started two or three times in a row. The cause of this fault is probably fuel oil pressure or poor ignition system. First check vehicle fuel pressure, install fuel pressure gauge to test fuel pressure, start engine fuel pressure value is 320kPa, normal. After quenching, the fuel pr...

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