Audi A8L MMI automatically closes during driving
  • Automotive repair

A Audi A8L car with a range of about 3200KM. User response: MMI of the vehicle is automatically closed during driving. Fault diagnosis: (1) check the vehicle found that the MMI can not be opened automatically when the vehicle is running or when the vehicle is re started. To do a guided fault query, the central module of the comfort system has 2 fault codes: the power supply voltage is too low. After checking the circuit diagram, check the relevant lines are normal. (2) continue the trial run and discover the new fault code: the media player in position 1 has no communication. After dismantling J794, the inspection line is normal, the fault diagnosis system is in normal, suspected that J794 m...

A Volkswagen Passat B5 car equipped with a 1. 8T engine with a mileage of about 180 thousand km. When the vehicle suddenly fails after driving, it can no longer start the car. In the ignition state, there is no gear display and gear locking electromagnetic valve warning light on the meter. Fault diagnosis: first, V. A. 55051 detected that 01 engine control system has a fault code: 18056, transmission system data bus failure; 02 transmission control system has a fault code: 18262, transmission system data bus failure; 15 airbag control system has an accidental Barrier Code: 01312, transmission system data bus has Failure. At this time, the 19-08-125 group is read, showing that the engine is 0...

Model: Coru. Driving mileage: 16065km. VIN:LSGPC54R9AF * * * * * *. Failure phenomenon: the engine tachometer on the client reflected the zero position suddenly, but the engine did not flameout, hung forward the car and did not walk. After trying out the engine, the engine was restarted. The result was no car and the failure disappeared after 20min. Fault diagnosis: using GDS2+MDI check, ECM set up 1 fault codes P033500: crankshaft position sensor circuit. The crankshaft position sensor signals detect the speed and position of the crankshaft, and the crankshaft position sensor generates an alternating current (Ac) with different amplitudes and frequencies. The frequency depends on the speed ...

Low water temperature of Volvo S40 car
  • Automotive repair

The mileage is about 122 thousand km, and the engine and transmission models are B4204S and MPS6 Volvo S40 cars respectively. In the course of the car, the water temperature meter falls down. Fault diagnosis: when the car is about 5min, the pointer of the water temperature meter suddenly falls to the lowest level, the fan runs at high speed, and the sideslip indicator lights flicker. The possible causes of fault analysis: (1) water temperature sensor damage; (2) open circuit or short circuit of water temperature sensor line; (3) central electronic control unit to instrument CAN line fault; (4) engine control unit to central electronic control unit CAN line fault; 5 contact plug has corrosion...

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