A Volkswagen ten meter car with a mileage of about 103 thousand km in 2012. Users reflect: during the driving process, the engine suddenly fails to accelerate and the engine fault lights alarm. Inspection and analysis: maintenance personnel first test run, found engine fault lights alarm, and engine maximum speed can only reach 3000 r/min. Connect the fault diagnosis instrument VAS5051 to detect the engine control unit, get the following fault code: 08851 - fuel pressure regulating valve N276 mechanical failure. The maintenance personnel comprehensively analyze the above failure and fault code, and use VAS5051 to read the working oil pressure of the engine running, and find that the value of...

Ford Carnival sedan skidding and flameout
  • Automotive repair

A Ford Carnival car with a mileage of about 72 thousand km. When the vehicle is running at high speed, it loosely accelerates the pedal engine to stall. During driving, when the speed is higher than 80 ~ 90km/h, the neutral skating is often flameout, and it is not easy to stall at low speed. According to customers, when the fault just appeared, the oxygen sensor was removed at other repair stations, and no problems were found. Fault diagnosis: WDS is detected by diagnostic instrument, and no fault code is displayed. Reading the data is basically normal, but when the engine is idle, only the throttle opening value is at the upper limit of the standard value. Now it is doubtful that the thrott...

Ford Mondeo auto engine auto extinguishing
  • Automotive repair

A Ford Mondeo car with a mileage of about 195 thousand km in 2002. When the auto transmission speed lever is on the parking gear, the engine condition is normal; when the transmission lever is hung from the position of the stationed to the reverse gear, the vehicle can also be back, and there is no exception. If the gearshift lever is hung to the forward gear, the engine is jitter, and the accelerator pedal can drive, but the 3~5 min will be automatic. Flameout. Fault diagnosis: first, use the special diagnostic instrument WDS to check the engine and read the data in each module of the engine control module. Therefore, when the automatic transmission is in the forward gear, the engine is ser...

Q: a quick 2 car, 85kW engine, engine start normal, the idle speed is very high, the speed of the car after warm up to 1500r/min, idle speed can not be reduced, at the same time no reaction. Cleaning throttle is not valid. What is the trouble? Answer: according to the failure phenomenon: the engine idle speed 1500r/min, always can not fall down, at the same time acceleration no reaction, analysis has three kinds of possibilities: (1) the accelerator pedal position sensor bad; 2. The throttle position sensor bad; 3 computer bad. The electric throttle is equipped with an electronic throttle. The electronic throttle consists of an accelerated pedal module with an acceleration pedal position sen...

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